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Athletes Foot

Athletes Foot is the common name for a fungal  skin infection which can lead to intense itching, cracked, blistered or peeling areas of skin, redness and scaling. It can occur on moist, waterlogged skin especially between the fourth and fifth toes, or on dry, flaky skin around the heels or elsewhere on the foot.

It is contracted typically in communal areas such as swimming pools, changing rooms and anywhere where people walk around barefoot.

If left untreated, the fungus can spread to the toenails causing thickening and yellowing of the nail and is much harder to treat.

Athletes Foot can be avoided by changing footwear regularly and allowing footwear to dry out for 24-48 hours in between wear.

Choose leather rather than man-made materials. Always wear socks with shoes or boots and ensure that they are clean each day.

Wear flip flops poolside, in showers or in changing rooms.

For infection in between toes, dab the area with surgical spirit to dry out the skin and treat skin with recommended Athletes Foot cream such as Lamisil 1% cream. For infections on dry area of the foot apply the cream for the recommended duration as  the fungi can lie dormant even after the symptoms have disappeared.