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'Very impressed with Brendas professional attitude and skills'

Brenda has been visiting Vale House for approximately 4 years. Brenda shows real skills in both her Podiatry and her empathy and understanding of our clients. The Nursing staff here, and relatives of our residents, are very impressed with Brenda's professional attitude and skills.

She helps us to deliver first class care and we are delighted to be able to claim her as a colleague.

-Tricia O'Leary, Head of Home, Vale House

'Absolutely the best foot care in Oxford'

I had suffered a sports injury to my ankle and foot in my teens, it had always been a slight nuisance, but now in my late thirties, it had started becoming unbearable.  I went to the Oxford Foot Clinic, and Brenda has solved all of my problems.  She has recommended special insoles (that she had right there for sale), and a course of treatments.  My foot and ankle have not felt this good since before the injury.  I cannot thank Brenda enough.  

-Oxford Resident & Mother