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Happy New Year and we hope that 2014 brings health and happiness to all our customers

For those of you jetting off to the slopes don't forget to look after your feet to keep your enjoyment to the full and to avoid injuries

Winter sports are great for all-round exercise but are particularly hard on the feet and ankles. In the cold, muscles take longer to warm up and so you may be more prone to injury. Your feet and ankles are particularly important, as they act as shock absorbers and brakes, as well as helping you to steer and accelerate when whizzing down the slopes, and so must be as protected as much as possible.

Common foot problems include:

Blisters - on toes, feet and heels from badly fitting boots. Be sure to get correctly fitted footwear/boots and wear good ski socks

Sprains and strains -on knee, ankle joints are commonly affected due to the bending, stretching in snow and icy conditions. Get fit before you go and ensure your muscles are warmed up before hitting the slopes

Chilblains - on toes, fingers and face are a problem in cold conditions. Keep the extremities warm and wear appropriate clothing to keep these areas dry too to prevent frostbite.

If you have pre-existing foot problems or are a Diabetic, contact us for advice before you go - 01865 204311