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What's New

Summer Feet ready?
As we start to bare our feet in sandals, we tend to notice our feet more
Have you got dry skin, cracked heels, flaky nails, thick/fungal nails or is there a verruca lurking
We can give your feet an all over MOT - offering advice as to how to keep your feet healthy and pain free. We can treat your niggling issues such as hard skin, craked heels and corns during a basic podiatry in clinic
If you have fungal nails and want to actively treat, we can offer you our NEW Clearanail treatment - we painlessly make microscopic holes in the nail plate to allow a daily treatment of fungal nail spray to deliver treament to the nail bed
If you have one of more stubborn verrucea we can freeze them with our Cryopen X cryotherapy treatment - a professional alternative to over the counter remedies
For those with a troublesome ingrowing toe nail, we can offer nail surgery, in clinic, to remove part or all of the nail under local anaesthetic at a time to suit you
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